The Voice Of Fear

Fear Test

It is impossible to get angry if you are not afraid.

This is an example of a fear test I designed.  I used it to conquered my fear of traffic.



Fear: Traffic


Symptom: I get stressed and angry at myself for not figuring out a better alternative route or getting caught traveling during high traffic time. 


Fear solution: Avoid the situation, prevent it from occurring.


Heart solution. I looked into the fear I felt when I got stuck in traffic and how it made me feel. I looked back in my past at the danger of being trapped as part of a group. I found being part of a group made me feel ordinary and being ordinary meant not getting love from my mother. I had to be a superstar caretaker to get loved. I got all my affection by being super sensitive and anticipating her needs. When stuck in traffic I felt ordinary and undeserving of love and when I avoided traffic I felt special and deserving of love. I faced my fear by seeking out traffic and examining the fear and the feelings it created so I could understand it, rewrite it and release my sentinel.


Your turn:

















Fear solution:




Heart solution:

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