The Voice Of Fear


I feel I could leap tall buildings at a single bound.


Because yesterday she didn’t and today she does.

In the last chapter I talked about fear being the destroyer of dreams, but it can also be the destroyer of inspiration. Inspiration comes when all fear is lifted and our hearts are free to give to their fullest potential. Inspiration loves the unknown and letting life be a mystery and a journey.


There is an old saying that I like quite a bit:


“When you love your work, you won't work a day.”


Inspiration doesn't want all the answers and doesn't look to play things safe. When we watch inspiration lift a person out of their fear it lifts us as well. This is the reason that both Paul Potts and Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent fame broke records on YouTube and went on to instant stardom. They inspired us. We witnessed their inspiration lift them out of their shells and with it they lifted the world with them.


We are inspired when we witness acts of giving, courage, bravery, sacrifice, selflessness and love. These acts appear when we break the chains of our fear. I was given the gift of inspiration for 20 seconds when I was younger – and that 20 seconds changed my life.



The Power of the Heart


The most inspired moment I ever experienced was when I was 14 years old. In the span of one minute I was startled, euphoric, excited, nervous, devastated, sick and shocked.  As I look back on the experience, it taught me how my world could change quickly because of the power of the heart and its ability to inspire. Up until this instance, girls were just a theory to me. I was too afraid and shy to talk to them, so instead I lived in a fantasy world and developed crushes.


It was a Friday night at two in the morning and I had been asleep for hours. Our house was one story and my shuttered bedroom window faced the street.


There was a tap on my window.


It startled me. I froze for a moment. I slowly got out of bed and nervously inched open the shutters.


What I saw was hard to believe. Standing at my window was the girl who lived down the street on whom I had a huge crush. So huge that one time I saw her ride by my house on her bike and I sat on the steps outside my front door for five hours hoping to see her ride by again. I had worn out my eighth grade yearbook looking at her picture. To open the shutters and see her standing in front of my window was, to say the least, mind blowing.


In an instant I created a fantasy that she liked me and she was about to tell me so. Keep in mind that up to this point I had had no contact with girls. Never been kissed, never held hands, never had contact of any kind. The excitement and euphoria of this moment was intense.


I motioned for her to go to the front door and I quietly came out of my room to meet her. Within that short walk to the door I envisioned our lives together. I knew that I would no longer be a hopeless nerd and my life was changed forever.


It was the happiest moment of my life.


I couldn't feel my feet touch the ground, but I was shaking like a leaf. I slowly opened the front door and prepared to meet my dream girl. Our eyes met and I noticed hers had a strange look about them. I looked closer at her. She had been drinking. Her foggy gaze cleared and she said, “Oops, I have the wrong house.”


In that life-crushing moment, from behind me my father grabbed my collar and asked “Who the hell is here this late?!” Without even looking out the door he slammed it, locked it and threw me back in bed. He grumbled something about kids and went back to bed.


As you might have guessed, my father was not someone you wanted to wake in the middle of the night. But this was the same father that during my senior year offered me cash and car keys to go out, afraid that there was something wrong because I stayed home every night.  


I quickly got back out of bed and looked outside. She was gone. I fell back into bed with my chest pounding, my heart aching and a sick feeling in my stomach. I was crushed. I wanted to put some clothes on and go look for her but I figured that it would be pointless. I was convinced that I would be a hopeless nerd forever.


As I look back on that memory, I would not trade it for the world. All the incredibly rich and powerful emotion I felt in such a short period of time stays with me today. The power of the heart is incredible and no drug on earth could have lifted me to the place that my heart took me that night.


To have inspiration in your life you have to be fearless in your heart, because you are seeking everything that fear is trying to take away from you.


  • Inspiration wants mystery; fear wants black and white answers.


  • Inspiration wants no limits; fear wants to box in everything.


  • Inspiration doesn't care about failure or setbacks; fear only cares about outcome.


We are all moved when we witness an inspired act, but at the same time most people surrender their inspiration to fear without a fight. Because of my 20 seconds of inspiration going from my bed to the front door my life was forever changed. Since that moment I have never again allowed fear to rob me of inspiration.

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