The Voice Of Fear



The voice of fear; what is it? Well, it's the voice in your head that assesses danger and how to keep you safe. It's what tells you to hit the brakes when a car is slowing down in front of you. It's what tells the hair on the back of your neck to stand up if a situation doesn't seem right. It tells you that maybe walking down that dark alley isn't the smartest of ideas. Fear is a brake. It's there to stop you, to show you whether to trust or to tell you to turn around. It assesses a situation and finds the path that is the safest.


That is its positive function in our lives. But what if the voice of fear starts seeing danger where danger does not exist? What if instead of being there only to keep us safe in the physical world, fear also takes over in the emotional world? Have you ever started to feel close to someone and the voice of fear says 'Danger, they might betray you. They might abandon you. They might lie to you. They might hurt you'?


The voice of fear has no place as the voice of our heart. What if the very belief system about emotions that triggers the voice of our fear is wrong? What if there is no danger to emotions? What if there is no interaction between two people on an emotional level that is actually dangerous? We are made to believe by our fear voice that emotions are dangerous. Every movie and TV show I watch, the premise seems to be that if the character reveals their true feelings they will get hurt or it will be dangerous.


Why is that? Why is the voice of our fear, the voice that is there to keep us safe physically, suddenly taking over the responsibility of assessing the danger presented when connecting with another human being on an emotional level? Why has the voice of fear taken over the voice of the heart?


The reason is that we made the assessment that emotions are dangerous as children. When we were young and things hurt emotionally we had no perspective on them. We had simple, raw emotions.


For instance:


If we were laughed at in school or a group rejected us, we associated pain with it. That pain activated the voice of fear because where there's pain there's danger. When we are young our fear can't differentiate between physical and emotional pain. So we activate the voice of fear early on and apply it to the emotional world rather than just the physical world.


That's when everything changes. Once the voice of our fear takes over our hearts, guiding us emotionally, then we have put a false belief system into place. It's like when the world was thought to be flat; as long as everybody believed that basic premise then they certainly weren't going to get close to the edge because that's where the danger existed. That belief of the world being flat taught people to fear the edge. But once someone went over the edge and found that the world was round, that belief system was altered and an entirely new world was discovered.


The false belief that emotions are dangerous has locked us into a fearful world where most relationships lack inspiration or growth and fail because the closer we get to our emotions, the more afraid of them we become.


Rather than challenging that belief system and realizing that there is no danger to any emotion, our fear has taught us that the emotional world is flat and we should stay away from the edge. This limits us in our relationships in everything we do.


I have written this book to change the emotional world from being flat into being round. I wrote it so that you can take back control of your heart and your ability to give and be the master of your fear rather than your fear being the master of you.


Fear will be your master until you break the false belief system that emotions are dangerous. When we fall in love we don't want to be afraid in the same way we might feel when facing a dark alley, but often time we react the same. Fear is not meant to control us; it is meant as a tool that we can use as an ally when we need it.


It was only when someone found the courage to go over the edge of the world that the new world was discovered. Each of us has to find the courage to take back life from the voice of fear, go over the edge and re-open our hearts.


Let the voyage begin.

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