The Voice Of Fear

Love in a Box Test


Fear builds walls around us until we can only love within a box. That box is our safe place and anywhere out of that box is unsafe. In the heart there is no box until fear shows up and builds one.


Here is the test to find the parameters of your box:



How do you or someone you care about respond to an emotional conflict?



            Love in the box:                                              Out of the box:


            Trusting                                   or...                  Distrusting


            Compassionate                        or...                  Judgmental


            Understanding                         or...                  Rejecting


            Forgiving                                 or...                  Begrudging


            Inspired                                   or...                  Unmotivated


            Nurturing                                 or...                  Uncaring


            Flexible                                   or...                  Rigid


            Loyal                                      or...                  Disloyal




Print two copies of this page and hand one to the loved one you are trying to communicate with and see how each of you answers the question.

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