The Voice Of Fear

Partner vs Companion

I got your back!

Can we discuss when I have yours.

When entering into a relationship you have one of two choices; it will be a partnership or a companionship. Most people lump these into one and that is a big mistake.


Imagine you are a police officer and most of the time you ride with your partner. As a partner, the rules are very black and white. Each officer must have the other's back with unconditional support no matter what the situation. The bond between these two officers relies on this contract and if it is not upheld by either partner, the partnership will dissolve. So if the shooting starts and one of the officers does not follow the other into harm's way because they are afraid, the partnership is destroyed.


Now imagine that you are a police officer but you don't have a partner. Instead you are kept company by a ride along. A ride along is when a civilian rides with a police officer to see what a day in the life of a police officer is like. The officer knows they are in the car with a ride along who is just there to keep them company. When the shooting starts the officer has no expectation of support from the person and gets out of the car alone. 


In relationships we often assume that we have a partner only to find out later that we have only a companion and wonder why things ended so badly. Conversely, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when we think we have a companion but find out we have a partner instead. If you want to have a successful relationship you have to decide if you want a partner or a companion because the rules are very different.


Don't get into life's patrol car without knowing who is next to you.

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