The Voice Of Fear


What are you looking at?



Because I can see forever.

Imagine if you woke up and there was no one on earth. All the people and animals were gone but everything else was still there in perfect condition. You would have complete access to anything material. You could get in any fancy car, live in any fancy house and the food stayed fresh in every grocery store and refrigerator. You also would never get sick before one day dying of old age.


How long do you think you would live?


After a few years what would remain as your motivation for living?


Despite having everything we would ever need to survive, I think most of us would be lucky to last a couple of years. I think most people would agree that without human interaction, most things have little value. It is people that give value to life. They are portals to every emotion and our connection to living. Every living thing is a portal to a place to which you cannot go by yourself.


If you were on the earth alone, all portals would be gone and you would just be waiting for death, regardless of the fact that you would have every material thing you ever strived for.


Now imagine after a couple of years you ran into another person. This person was someone you hated back in the normal world because they made you feel inferior and insignificant because of your fear.


What would your reaction to this person be? Would you maintain your old feelings or would you hold them as the most beautiful sight you had ever seen?


Then the person informs you that the whole human race is just around the corner. Would your feelings change? All living things are portals, but these portals can lead to different places depending on if we see them through our fears or through our heart.


I think of myself as a traveler; every person I meet gives me the opportunity to go someplace I could not go myself. The same is true when we encounter animals. Humans most of the time can relate better to animals than with other people. This is because an animal doesn't create all the fears that another human does. In the movie “Cast Away,” Tom Hanks is so desperate for companionship that he has a relationship with a volleyball he named Wilson. I don't believe his emotions for Wilson were any different than they would have been towards a human or animal. Prisoners of war have had relationships with bugs in their cells.


Unfortunately, most of the time our fear sees other people as portals to scary places or some specific outcome rather than a journey of the heart.


How often do you see in a movie where one character likes another and they both pretend they don't, and the whole movie is about that big, scary moment when they finally reveal their feelings? Or the character has the scary meeting with the boss to get the promotion, or the parents whose approval the character has chased and now just might get it?


Fear sees others as portals to danger while the heart sees them as portals to inspiration, motivation and spiritual surrender. What if the character walked up to the girl and simply told her how he felt? Couldn't the movie be about where they went from there? It is so difficult to have a great relationship because the person we need for our spiritual journey exists on the other side of our scariest portal.


A quote I love goes as follows: “If I would risk my life for you I must also be willing to risk my happiness.”


When you stop seeing people as scary portals, then the journey begins.

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