The Voice Of Fear


Why did you reject me?

So you couldn't reject me.

This is a word that puts chills down most people’s spine. What is rejection? The fear of rejection is nothing more than your fear voice telling you that someone else controls and determines your self-worth.


Let’s think about it.


If I fear that a person is rejecting me then they have the power to judge me. If their judgment is negative then I have to live with that judgment. But what about what I feel?


People have killed to avoid rejection or destroyed the person who holds the power to reject. But do they really have any power except the power we give them? If your fear voice believes that rejection reduces you to nothing, then you will do anything to avoid it.


But is it really possible to be rejected?


Of course a person can reject some or all parts of you, but what does that mean? Most of the world’s greatest ideas were rejected at first. I have heard many people credit their success to someone early in their life that told them they would never make it. Most successful people will tell you that you have to turn rejection into motivation. The truth is that rejection is an illusion created by fear. If you believe your voice of fear then it is as real as any physical threat.


Who knows what motivates a person to reject you? Maybe they are threatened because you have so much talent and it is a way to keep you down. There are as many possibilities as there are situations in which you might face rejection. Rejection leads back to the fear of loneliness, and the fear of loneliness is based in the false belief system that you are not good enough. The fact is that the only person who can truly reject you is you. And when you reject yourself you reject your humanity.


The heart's only desire is to give; it does not know the concept of rejection. Fear only knows loneliness and believes that rejection is the fastest way to get there.

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